Sell Your Property

When it comes to choosing an agent and an agency to market your property you need to take a number of factors into consideration to ensure you make the right choice. By listing your property you will obviously hope to achieve a sale in a reasonable amount of time – but you will also need to feel comfortable along the way up to, and even after, the closing before the Notary Public. If you have not sold a property here before you will have many questions and concerns, and it is important that you find an agent/agency you can trust.

Selling Property Essentials

Here are just some of the questions you should be asking:

  • How long has the agent you have chosen been active in the local real estate market?
  • Are they members of AMPI?
  • Does your agent speak your language as well as fluent business Spanish?
  • How many properties are currently listed by the agency?
  • How many properties have been sold by the agency, whether listed by them or not?
  • Is the agency particularly active in any particular area of the market (land, condo, resort villas, high end etc.) and does this suit your needs?
  • How often will you receive activity reports on advertising, showings, and general marketing activity?
  • Do they have an active, easy to navigate, and informative website?
  • How much does the agency advertise locally, nationally and internationally?
  • Will you be expected to pay for advertising or is it covered by the agency?
  • Can the agency provide you with referrals from satisfied customers?
  • Does the agency have a reputation for being honest, reliable, solid and hard working?
  • As in the USA and Canada, (though different to the system in Europe), AMPI registered brokers here work together selling each others’ listings through the Multiple Listing System which gives them access to all listed properties. It is therefore very important that you choose an agent/agency that you feel has strong local relationships in order to facilitate showings through other agencies. You can verify this by asking how often an outside broker sells that particular agency’s listings, or vice versa, how often do they sell other agencies’ listings?
  • Finally, trust your instinct, and go with the agent and agency you feel most comfortable with.

Take some time to have those questions answered thoroughly before you make a decision.